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Blake Griffin Rumors: Clippers PF Will Seek Extension Despite Neil Olshey Departure

The departure of Los Angeles Clippers general manager Neil Olshey could really cause a lot of consternation this offseason. There are two key players that could be in trouble this season. One of them is their impressive power forward All-Star Blake Griffin, who figures to be a great player. Griffin could be the franchise player the Clippers rely on for the next decade, but the departure of general manager Neil Olshey could possibly complicate matters.

ESPN seems to feel comfortable that the managerial change won't do any damage to Griffin's relationship with the Clippers. Marc Stein seems to believe that Griffin will continue to seek a contract extension this summer rather than waiting for free agency next summer. This would be a real bright spot for the Clippers after what appears to be a rather rash decision to let Olshey go, as it might convince Chris Paul to stick around too once he becomes a free agent.

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