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Fantasy Football 2012: Former Trojan Reggie Bush Poised for Big Year?

With the NFL season just around the corner (yes, six weeks is 'just around the corner' for me), it's once again time to start gameplanning for your fantasy draft. Former USC Trojan Reggie Bush, the 2nd pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, is one player to keep an eye on after a 1000+ yard season in 2011. Of note is the new offense expected to be implemented in Miami, which might call for a different role for Bush.

The staff at weighed in on Bush's fantasy prospects in the coming season.

The back told reporters via, "I think I will be pretty balanced. Hearing them talk, they want to run the ball just as much as they want to throw the ball. Obviously I think my role is going to be a little bit different from last year. I'm going to be split out wide a little bit more, playing more receiver, but for the most part I think we're still going to run the ball." Coach Joe Philbin seems to be seeking a more balanced attack and splitting Bush out wide does not bode well for the RB breaking 1,000 yards rushing again. However, Bush's explosiveness and versatility still will serve fantasy owners well, if he can stay healthy. Bush has never dipped below 6 touchdowns or 725 total yards in a season during which he played ten or more games. Even with the role reversal, he should still be considered a No. 2 back in fantasy drafts this year.

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