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Mo Williams Rumors: Clippers PG Expected To Opt In, May Become Trade Bait

When healthy, Mo Williams was a vital component for the Los Angeles Clippers in the lockout-shortened 2011-12 NBA season. The point guard saw his role reduced with the arrival of superstar Chris Paul, but Williams remained a serious threat and clutch scorer off the bench as the Clippers made their playoff run.

The 2012-13 season would be the final year of Williams' contract. Williams has the ability to opt out, but has stated he does not plan on doing so. Eric Pinkus of HoopsWorld believes that Williams will indeed end up opting in and would then become back of a potential trade package. Pinkus explains:

Re: Mo Williams - I'm going with the assumption that he sticks true to his word and opts in with the Clippers (if he hasn't already). Once he does - he's clearly trade bait [ ... ]. I'm not sure what else LA is willing to give up outside of expiring contracts. It would - and should - take a LOT to pry Eric Bledsoe away from the Clippers. I wouldn't do it for a high pick in this draft (cept #1). Without Mo Clippers can be a cap team. With, they need to tread a finer line with salary.

Fans will likely be sad to see Williams go, but if it means the team has a better chance at retaining Paul and returning as a stronger team, most Clippers supporters will gladly take that option.

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