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NHL Draft Order 2012: Edmonton Has First Pick, Kings Pick 30th And Have 6 Picks In Total

The Los Angeles Kings pick 30th in Round 1 of the 2012 NHL draft, and have six more picks throughout the next six rounds.

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The 2012 NHL Draft begins Friday evening, and the Los Angeles Kings have the Stanley Cup winner's burden of a lot of low picks. They have six picks all together, starting with the 30th in Friday's opening round. Starting on Saturday they don't have another pick until the fourth round, where they select 30th again (121st overall). Following that they pick 30th in the fifth round (151st overall), 20th and 30th in Round 6 (171st and 181st, respectively), second in Round 7, and finally the Kings end the 2012 NHL Draft with the very last pick, 30th in Round 7, 211th overall.

The no. 1 overall pick goes to the Edmonton Oilers. A complete draft listing for all teams can be found here.

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