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Chauncey Billups Rumors: Clippers PG Likes L.A., Wouldn't Want To Return To Denver Nuggets

One of the biggest concerns for the Los Angeles Clippers is how they're going to be able to keep together their talented roster. One of the most important players is Clippers point guard Chauncey Billups. Billups has reiterated how much he enjoys Los Angeles and would like to stick around.

Billups is willing to test free agency though. And one of the most interesting tidbits is how Billups would like to avoid a reunion in Denver. Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post had this to report.

Billups didn't rule out a return to the Clippers, but is clearly eager to see what awaits him when the free-agency period starts in July.

"I liked Clipperland. I liked the movement," Billups said. "I thought before I got hurt we really had fun and were playing great. I liked it a lot, but of course I would be crazy not to entertain any other offers that I might have. That's the fun of being a free agent."

And though his heart is in Denver, there will be no return to the Nuggets, a team that has traded him twice already in his career.

"I'll say this: Me and (team president) Josh (Kroenke) are cool," Billups said. "I'm good with everybody. But I can't see me, basketball-wise, playing in Denver again. What do you want me to do? They traded me two times. Want me to give them a third opportunity? My years there were great. We accomplished some great things. And they are looking good. ... I had some great years there, and I'm always going to live there, but I can't see that."

It'll be interesting to see what type of role Billups accepts with Los Angeles. Is he willing to be a backup point guard, or can he handle a whole season trying to be a converted two guard for the stretches where he and Chris Paul are both on the floor? It could be the biggest impediment for Billups coming back and might make him look elsewhere for more playing time as the primary point guard.

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