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Kevin Youkilis Trade Rumors Heat Up: Dodgers In the Mix

The Boston Red Sox are showing signs of desperation in unloading down and out veteran third basemen Kevin Youkilis. Sources tell the Red Sox front office is entertaining the idea of including cash to offset some of Youkilis' contract in order to get a better player in return.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates are among the teams with varying levels of interest in acquiring Youkilis, sources say.

Youkilis has more than $6 million left on this year's contract and is in the midst of his worst offensive year in his career. Youkilis is batting a mere .215/.301/.341 over only 39 games as he has been limited to a lower back strain. Still, with the Dodgers in the playoff hunt, Youkilis would provide a veteran with valuable playoff experience, and perhaps this could be a scenario where a change of scenery does some good.