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2012 MLB All-Star Game Voting Results: Albert Pujols Ranks Fifth Among First Basemen

Albert Pujols is ranked fifth in American League all-star voting among first basemen.

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Although he had gotten off to a terrible start to the 2012 season, Albert Pujols's star power is still showing in the fact that he ranks fifth among American League first basemen with a little over a million votes.

Pujols has recovered nicely from his terrible start as he is now hitting .256 with 10 home runs. His work is still cut out for him, as he is still nearly 900,000 votes behind the leading vote receiver for first basemen, Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers.

Fans who would like to vote for the 2012 All-Star Game can do so up to 25 times per email address HERE.

The latest voting results for the American League can be viewed HERE.

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