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2012 U.S. Open Golf, Tiger Woods: Woods "Absolutely" More Comfortable With Swing

Tiger Woods has yet to tee off in Round 3 of the 2012 US Open, but based on an interview he gave following Round 2 he's feeling good about his chances. When asked if he was more comfortable with his swing, more trusting of it than he had been in a while, he responded "Absolutely." Asked about his evolution and growth coming out of his year of injuries, he had this to say:

Well last year it was a tough year, battling those injuries. It's hard to get any repetitions and hard to get my momentum when I can't practice.

So the end of last year was big for me for Freddie giving me the nod and believing in me and putting me out there. That helped a lot. I played really well down in Oz and carried that over into the world challenge and then this year I've played I think really well in spurts and then I finally put it together at Bay Hill, lost it there for a little bit, and then put it together at Memorial.

But I think it's a little bit better than what I had at Bay Hill. I'm able to shape the ball better with better trajectory control than I did at Bay Hill. And that's one of the reasons why I was so excited how I played at Memorial, and how I described it to you guys afterwards.

Woods scored a 69 in Round 1 and a 70 in Round 2, and is currently tied for the lead with Jim Furyk and David Toms, all at 1-under. It's been four years since Tiger has won at a Major, and a win on a course as tough as the Olympic would go a long way in assuring people that he's really regained his form.

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