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U.S. Open 2012: Tiger Woods Not Feeling Pressure From Majors Drought

Tiger Woods has seen it all on the golf course, and while his play in recent years isn't nearly what it used to be, it appears that the world's former No. 1 player is regaining his form on the course. Woods has 14 major championships to his name thus far and is still young enough to make a run, but he is getting up there a bit in age.

Some believe that Tiger has been pressing lately to try and get over his losing streak at the world's toughest courses, although Woods denied that after a practice round at the U.S. Open.

Here is Jeff Shain of the Chicago Tribune with the latest:

Unless Tiger Woods wins the U.S. Open this week, it will be a full four years since he captured his last major title.

And even if Woods does lift the trophy Sunday at the Olympic Club, he doesn't think it will relieve him of any scrutiny.

"It will still be, 'You're not to 18 yet,' or 'When will you get to 19?' " Woods said Tuesday, taking questions from reporters after his practice round.

"It's always something with you guys. I've dealt with that my entire career, ever since I was an amateur and all the way through to professional golf. It hasn't changed."

Woods turned to a former rival on the course for how players can make their careers last longer.

"It can be done. We can play for a very long time," Woods said. "Guys are extending their careers and playing for a lot longer than they used to. Most of the guys used to shut it down in their early 40s. But look at Vijay (Singh) - he won (22) events in his 40s alone."

All eyes will be on Tiger this weekend in the Bay Area -- his win two weekends ago truly reminded us just how well he can captivate a crowd on Sunday afternoon -- and a win would certainly get the critics off his back.

We'll all get to see Woods in action on Thursday morning as the 2012 U.S. Open begins at Olympic. Will this finally be the elusive 15th major championship of his career?

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