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Pacquiao vs. Bradley Results 2012: Experts Believe Pacman Was Robbed

Manny Pacquiao was on the wrong side of one of the most controversial decisions in boxing history when Timothy Bradley scored a split decision. Many experts seemed to think that Manny won the majority of the rounds and that he should've been an easy victor, which made the final result all that more stunning.

When you tabulate all the results in the end from the majority of the boxing experts, the result is the same. Ryan Maquinana of CSN Bay Area has this report where he compiled the results of all the boxing experts, and a super-plurality of the judges had Pacquiao winning. When you looked at the results in the end, it was 43 for Pacquiao, three for Bradley!

You can guess that the controversy from this decision will linger for quite some time.

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