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Clippers Offseason: Kenyon Martin May Not Fit Into The Clippers' Future

With the season over and the Los Angeles Clippers looking at what they need to do to prevent their season from ending like it did this year at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs, one decision they have to make is whether to bring back veteran forward Kenyon Martin.

Martin was a valuable contributor off the bench once he joined the team, but ESPN Los Angeles' Pedro Moura questioned whether or not Martin fits into its future.

Where does Martin fit in with the Clippers' roster of the future? He doesn't, really. But he does make some sense for next season, simply because he's a better option than anybody else the team could get for the veteran's minimum. They can use the non-Bird exception on him and pay him around $3 million, without having to worry about the cap at all.

But if Martin is looking to make more money and for more playing time, he may decide that his best bet would be to look elsewhere.

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