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The Los Angeles Angels Have A Dugout Punching Bag

The official Los Angeles Angels twitter account tweeted a picture of a punching bag before the start of Monday's game against the New York Yankees. According to the tweet, just down the stairs from their third-base home dugout at Angel Stadium, the Los Angeles Angels have a punching bag set up.

Has this punching bag always been set-up? Or has it been employed strategically by Angels manager Mike Scioscia to help his frustrated players deal with their anger in a constructive manner, by punching this bag instead of anyone else on the team. Or it could just be a useful workout tool for players to keep warm.

It's been a frustrating year for the Angels and its star Albert Pujols so far, although the team is currently riding a six-game win streak and Pujols is finally starting to raise his batting average.

See the tweet of the punching bag after the jump.

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