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Metta World Peace Tweets Wrong Holiday

Today is a holiday. A day everyone in America uses to honor the great men and women who have served this country, many with their lives. But to one often interesting, curious soul in Los Angeles, today means something a little different.

"Happy labor day.... Enjoy it", tweeted the incomparable, the one and only, Metta World Peace.

The Los Angeles Lakers' mercurial forward has taken the twitterverse by storm by simply tweeting the celebration of the incorrect holiday. Today is in fact, Memorial Day.


At least MWP knew that today was a holiday and one we should be celebrating, he just didn't quite nail the name properly. A flood of retweets have followed and sooner or later, we're sure MWP will recognize his error and correct himself. At least, that's the hope. But as of 57 minutes ago, it still remains his latest tweet.

Even with the Lakers' season over, MWP still provides us with gems like only he can. Happy Memorial Day!