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Indy 500 2012 Weather: High Temperatures Expected At The Brickyard

The 2012 Indianapolis 500 is only a few hours away from the drop of the green flag, though much of the talk around the track this morning is about the weather as record high heat is set to befall the Indianpolis 500 this Sunday, forcing race officials to take extra precautions for all involved.

Temperatures are scheduled to hit the mid to high 90s during the race this afternoon, which could eclipse the previous record of 92 degrees set back in 1937. Officials spent much of the week urging fans to be extra careful about the smoldering conditions, making sure to have portable misting stations around the venue for spectators to cool down as well as cooling stations with lots of water.

Race spokesman Doug Boles said track medical personnel are expected to treat well more than 1,000 fans before the end of the race today. Hopefully they can avoid any serious problems.

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