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Are The Lakers A Fit For Free-Agent-To-Be Steve Nash? Possibly

It hasn't taken long for the Los Angeles Lakers' future to start being dissected. As teams fall out of the playoffs or don't make the playoffs at all, all that is left is the future. So what if the future of Phoenix Suns' point guard Steve Nash just happened to land in La La Land? ESPN's Bradford Doolittle decided to take a look.

Though seeing Kobe Bryant relinquish playmaking duties to a point guard who dominates the ball like Nash does would be an interesting scenario to say the least, Bryant has enough respect for Nash (like he did when he wanted the Lakers to trade Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd) that it could work. Ramon Sessions would be a great guard off the bench. Throw in the possibility of still pulling off the Dwight Howard deal and you end up with a Nash-Howard pick-and-roll alongside still one of the top three one-on-one players in the game in Bryant. Give Mike Brown a pink slip and bring in Mike D'Antoni (or keep Brown and bring in D'Antoni anyway) and voila, explosiveness on offense returns to the Staples Center.

Oh the possibilities.

Wait, this isn't going to happen? Oh. Well. Back to your normal lives then...