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2012 NHL Playoffs: LA Kings Infographic Breaks Down Team's History

The Los Angeles Kings hold a 3-1 lead in their third round series against the Phoenix Coyotes, and when you're only one game away from the 2012 Stanley Cup Final, you want to make sure people are well informed about your team. The LA Kings put together a nice infographic running through some of the team's history: the logos used over the years, the venue, the number of hall-of-famers to put on Kings sweaters, the team's leading scorers. It's not just about history, a section on the team's playoff record is distinctly forward looking.

Playoff wins from 1994-2011: 14

Playoff wins in 2012: 11

(Obviously could change)

All time playoff road record before 2012: 29-66

2012: 7-0

Check out the full image after the jump.



Los Angeles will try to eliminate the Coyotes in Phoenix on Tuesday night. Stick with this storystream for news, scores and more. For all things Kings, check out Jewels From The Crown.