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VIDEO: SB Nation Visits NFLPA Rookie Premiere In L.A.

Many of the top NFL rookies were in attendance at the NFLPA's rookie premiere in Los Angeles this week, and SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Amy K. Nelson were there to take part in the activities, interview some talent, and test their skills with some up and coming high schoolers and NFL elites.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

The rookies showcased their stuff at Hamilton High School, setting up all sorts of drills to take part in along with the youngsters. Amy K. and Dan even get into the action, getting in on the agilities and other drills. Brandon Weeden, A.J. Jenkins, Rueben Randle and more stopped by the chat with out anchors, digging deep to draw some serious insight into the newest members of the NFL fraternity.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere: Brandon Weeden, Rueben Randall, A.J. Jenkins, and More (via sbnation)

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