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Derek Fisher On His Way Out As NBPA President?

The Los Angeles Lakers had to part ways with Derek Fisher not once but twice in his NBA career, but now the NBAPA is possibly sparking a divorce between themselves and their current union president as executive director Billy Hunter is pushing for on Friday to oust Derek Fisher from his position, league sources told Yahoo! Sports's Adrian Wojonarwoski.

A vote between team-player representatives from all 30 clubs is being organized by Hunter, though due to the fact the the NBPA constitution is not publicly available its uncertain just how many votes will be needed to impeach Fisher, though one source told Yahoo! the best they may be able to do is a 'no-confidence' vote in Fisher's ability.

Hunter has essentially declared war via the eight-man executive committee to push out Fisher. Hunter successfully stopped an audit of the union's business and financial practices that Fisher proposed to the committee, basically stating his regime is abusing it's power.

"He's [Hunter] getting his way with the executive committee," one agent told Yahoo! Sports, "but he doesn't have as much broad support as he used to."

Hunter also forced the committee vote to seek Fisher's resignation, though Fisher refused to step down and has been working to gather a coalition of players to challenge Hunter, according to the report. Fisher has stated that he will not resign. This is looking like it's going to be a dogfight.

Fisher, currently with the Oklahoma City Thunder, has two more years on his term as union president. Hunter has three years left on his.

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