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Vikings Stadium Update: House Shoots Down Proposal, Is LA Relocation A Real Possibility?"

The Minnesota Vikings are in a fight with the state of Minnesota to build a new stadium. So why should football fans in Los Angeles care? Well, if the Vikings were to lose that fight, there's a possibility that their fight might turn to flight and they'll be searching for a new home.

Guess who is looking to house its own team? You guessed it.

The 'Los Angeles Vikings' may be a faraway possibility at this point but it's still something that should be kept a close eye on. After clearing two House committees fairly easy this month, a bill to use public money to help build a new stadium in Minneapolis lost a 9-6 vote which could end all the hopes for the bill to pass during this legislative session, according to the Pioneer Press. Vikings brass steered clear of threatening a departure from the city but a move hovered over every word that followed the vote.

"Minnesota's in control of their destiny," said Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley in the Pioneer Press.