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Metta World Peace Thinks Lamar Odom Should Come Back As A Ball Boy

We should never live in a world where the Los Angeles Lakers' Metta World Peace doesn't get interviewed everyday. Otherwise, we won't get such gems as MWP's recent comments regarding what former Lakers teammate Lamar Odom should do now that Odom, who is now with the Dallas Mavericks, is officially inactive for the rest of the season, as told to ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin.

"Maybe he can come back and be a ball boy and then next year, come play. That's what he should do. He'd be the first ball boy in the NBA that can play. Come back; get the towels and next year, play. Why not?"

Oh how we love when MWP talks.

"Lamar should just like for one month, just be a boy scout and wear the outfit," World Peace said, taking the joke a step further. "Just have fun. You're getting paid."

MWP wasn't all fun and games during his interview, as he provided his usual sprinkle of intelligent insight.

Simply: Odom's departure could have been much worse.

"The good thing about it is it was just a departure. That's awesome. It wasn't like it was any stories like arguing with the coach or nothing. That's always good when you can end a relationship, maybe not on a good note, but on a decent note. That's always good."

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