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Kevin O'Neill To Return As USC Basketball Coach, According to Report

Can the Trojans turn it around in 2013?

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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, USC Trojans men's basketball coach Kevin O'Neill will likely be retained as the team's head coach for next season, despite putting up an abismal 6-26 record this season.

Despite the many injuries that plagued their campaign this year (five season-enders during the season) the Trojans still put up a school record 26 losses this season. The only only time they had a worse winning percentage was 1917-18 when they went 0-2.

Nevertheless Athletic Director Pat Haden is confident in O'Neill's abilities to coach this team back to relevancy once again.

"Kevin O'Neill is our basketball coach and we're looking forward to having a good year next year," Haden said in a phone interview after the Trojans lost to the Bruins for the third time.

"He was dealt a very difficult hand when he took the job, and this year with so many injuries. We're expecting a marked improvement."

O'Neill will be given another shot to try and make it right in 2013, and hopefully will have enough able bodies to do so.

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