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Parents Banned From Watching During UCLA's Pro Day

Apparently, it's real serious on the UCLA campus during their Pro Day. So much so that the parents of players working out have been banned from watching. Yes, banned. They are unable to watch their sons don anything resembling their UCLA colors for the final time, according to the LA Times.

And of course, the parents think this is ridiculous.

Here's what Harold Edison, father of UCLA defensive tackle Justin Edison, said in the LA Times article.

"They're saying we can't watch for this reason or that reason," Edison said. But all Edison felt was, "This is a big day for my son and they are not going to let me watch?"

Guess not. UCLA didn't want any distractions during what they deemed to be akin to job interviews. Still, the parents weren't buying it.

"I think this is all unnecessary," said Mark Dye, whose son Tony Dye was a safety for the Bruins the last four seasons. "If they have a legitimate reason for keeping parents out, I haven't heard it yet."

Looks like the best football game of the year might be between the football employees instructed to guard the parking structure and the parents of the football players. The parents might have to take an L on this one, though.