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NFL In Los Angeles: Plans Still Moving Forward ON AEG's Farmer's Field

Despite the fact that efforts to lure an NFL team to Los Angeles over the past few months have hit a large roadblock, a report from NBC's Pro Football Talk states that the group building Farmer's Field in downtown L.A. is still moving forward in int's construction.

AEG, the group that also owns the STAPLES Center in downtown Los Angeles, is going about it's business in regards to Farmer's Field, with sources close to the situation telling PFT that the Environmental Impact Report will be released as planned on Thursday, April 5, and design work continues on the stadium as well. The EIR will cost around $27 million and will be open to public comment for 45 days.

All this work being done may come to a screeching halt if a team can not be lured to Tinsel Town, and their options within the league already are starting to dwindle. An expansion team may be the best option to try and get the NFL back in L.A., which is a long shot as well.

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