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Pacific Leaves Big West, Will Join WCC In 2013

The Pacific Tigers are headed back to the West Coast Conference, leaving the Big West after 42 years.

The Pacific Tigers are coming back to the West Coast Conference. The announcement was made official earlier today.

Pacific actually was one of the original founding members in 1952-53 before leaving in 1971. The other four members were the University of San Francisco, San Jose State (which left to join the WAC), Santa Clara, and St. Mary's. Loyola Marymount and Pepperdine joined three years later, the University of Gonzaga, University of San Diego, and Portland followed suit in the 70s, and BYU joined just last season.

Pacific has been in the Big West for 42 years. Only Long Beach State and UC Santa Barbara have been around longer (since the conference's inception in 1969). Of the original founders, Cal State Los Angeles left in 1974, San Diego State in 1978, and San Jose State in 1996. San Diego State will be returning to the Big West in 2013, as will Sacramento State and one of the University of Hawaii schools (at Manoa).