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USC Coach Lane Kiffin, UCLA Coach Jim Mora Are Now Neighbors!

So this should be fun: USC Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin and recently-hired UCLA Bruins head coach Jim Mora are now neighbors in a Los Angeles suburb neighborhood. According to a story from the Orange Country Register, Mora's wife purchased a beautiful house in South Bay, which is right around the corner from where Kiffin and his family make their home.

We have a text dialogue from the two head coaches after the jump...

"I saw it for about five minutes," Mora said. "I haven't had time for that right now."

Already Mora is having doubts about the neighborhood.

‘"Guess who's right around the corner from me?" Mora said on Monday. "A guy named Kiffin.

"He sent me a text a couple of weeks ago," Mora continued, "he was ‘Yeah, standing in front of your house. You know you're in Trojan country.' I just laughed.'"

-Courtesy of The OC Register.

That's pretty awesome. If the rivalry between USC and UCLA is not heated enough, fans can take comfort in knowing that their head football coaches live just a few seconds away from each other.

I just hope I get invited to the block party!

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