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NFL League Meeting: Changes Proposed For Instant Replay, Certain Penalties

The 2012 NFL League Meeting kicks off on Monday and lasts all week. Among the topics of discussion are a number of potential rules changes.

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The 2012 NFL League Meeting will kick off on Monday and run throughout the week. Many topics will be discussed and commented on, including the salary cap violations and subsequent penalties given to the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys.

The league will also be discussing a handful of potential rules changes suggested by the Competition Committee. Longtime Raiders fans living in Los Angeles can now begin grumbling about some potential all-new penalties for the Raiders to be charged with in the coming years.

Among the rules changes being discussed this week:

- Giving the authority to determine replay reviews to the replay official in the booth, not the referee on the field.

- Modifying the horse-collar tackle rule to remove the exception for quarterbacks in the pocket, so that a quarterback in the pocket may not be yanked down by the back of his shoulder pads or inside collar of his jersey.

- Changing overtime so that the postseason rule will be used in the regular season as well, and no regular-season games will be ended on a field goal on the first possession of overtime.

You can see a full list of the potential rules and bylaws changes by visiting ProFootballTalk.

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