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2012 Women's NCAA Tournament Bracket And Schedule: Stanford Battles West Virginia In Second Round


The second round of the Women's NCAA Tournament begins on Monday, with the highlight being the No. 2 ranked Stanford Cardinal taking on West Virginia at the Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Stanford (32-1) is the No. 1 seed in the Fresno Region, with West Virginia the No. 8 seed.

Stanford vs. Baylor can be seen on ESPN2 at 4 p.m. PST, as well as online. Here is the full second round schedule for Monday:

Des Moines Region

6:40 p.m. - No. 2 Tennessee vs. No. 7 DePaul

Fresno Region

4:15 p.m. - No. 1 Stanford vs. No. 8 West Virginia

4:20 p.m. - No. 4 Purdue vs. NO. 5 South Carolina

Raleigh Region

4:10 p.m. - No. 2 Maryland vs. No. 7 Louisville

6:35 p.m. - No. 3 Texas A&M vs. No. 6 Arkansas

Kingston Region

4:05 p.m. - No. 1 Connecticut vs. No. 8 Kansas State

6:40 p.m. - No. 3 Miami vs. No. 11 Gonzaga

6:45 p.m. - No. 2 Kentucky vs. No. 7 Green Bay

All eight Monday games can be seen on The second round of the Women's NCAA Tournament will be continued on Tuesday. Click here for a full women's tournament bracket.