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NCAA Tournament Bracket 2012: Updated Bracket Released Following Wild Day Of Upsets

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After a pretty straight forward Thursday, the NCAA Tournament took a wild swing on Friday afternoon and evening. Two of the four No. 2 seeds were eliminated -- the last two seed to be eliminated in the first round was in 2001 -- and a four and five seed lost, as well.

While there is a pretty good chance your bracket may not be looking so hot right now, we have an updated, printable version of the tournament heading into the third round. We have it for you after the page jump...

Click HERE for a link to SB Nation's complete StoryStream that is definitely worth bookmarking to stay up-to-date on all-things March Madness.

HERE is the direct link to the updated printable bracket.

This weekend is very likely to have some excellent finishes, especially with a trip to the Sweet 16 riding on the outcome. Strap in, folks, there is nothing like March Madness.

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