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Bracketology 2012: Long Beach State Drops To No. 12 Seed In Latest Bracket

Our very own Chris Dobbertean has been working his fingers to the bone on the latest and most updated version of SB Nation's bracketology predictions, and the Long Beach State 49ers have slipped a spot in the seeding since our last bracket.

Last we saw of them the 49ers were sitting in the 11th slot in the West division of the bracket, but has been bumped down to the spot no No. 12 while New Mexico and Xavier both are making moves up the seeding moving to 5th and 9th respectfully. UCLA and USC, as most of you are already aware, will not be making the big dance this year, leaving their glass slippers in storage.

You can see where the 49ers end up during Selection Sunday, televised at 3 p.m. PT this afternoon on the CBS network.

For more on bracketology and the 2012 NCAA tournament in general, please make sure that you head over to SB Nation's dedicated NCAA hoops hub to get all the latest news and notes.