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Super Bowl 2012: The Commercials

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Every year without fail, guests will show up at the Super Bowl party who are only there to see the commercials and the halftime show. The halftime show was admittedly quite rocking, with Madonna pulling no punches in a way over the top spectacle. The commercials, well, forgive me if it seemed like a bit of a down year.

More-so than any brand, this nerdette was looking forward to the Avengers trailer. It did not disappoint and with only Battleship and Transformers battling for airspace, it came out looking fantastic by comparison. The Volksvagen commercial with the Mos Eisley Cantina was also a house favorite.

Older brands stuck with their established tropes. Budweiser trotted out the clydesdales, tying their brand to the end of prohibition. While Bud will always be marketed with nostalgia, Bud Light continued with their younger market branding. The dog who fetched beer whenever he heard "here we go" was actually cute, but the build up for Bud Light Platinum was awful.

McDonalds went for the heart before the game, but many of the past year's big spenders on sports advertising were absent from the big game. The Matthew Broderick Honda commercial felt flat, as did the Jerry Seinfeld Accura commercial.

If you want a recap on all the commercials, you can see them on Hulu. Or you can just click on the jump, for the embedded player.