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2012 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Kelly Clarkson & The 93-Second National Anthem

Super Bowl XLVI is upon us, otherwise known as the biggest day of the year for sports gambling. The Super Bowl is not only the showcase event of the NFL, as the New England Patriots and New York Giants battle for football's biggest prize, but also an opportunity for degenerates everywhere to bet on just about anything. Including the national anthem.

Kelly Clarkson won American Idol a decade ago, but her biggest stage will be at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday, as she is singing the national anthem. One of the many prop bets offered by Bovada is an over/under bet on the time it will take Clarkson to belt the national anthem. The time is one minute and 34 seconds, which doesn't seem like a long time but after review it appears to be right on the number.

Clarkson, a Texas native, sang the national anthem in Dallas last year during the NBA Finals, and finished the anthem in roughly 93 seconds, maybe 92 depending on your stopwatch.

But that's not the only comp we have for a Clarkson anthem at a championship sporting event. She sang the anthem before a game in Arlington at the 2010 World Series as well, and this time she took roughly 92-93 second again:

It appears betting the under on 1:34 is the way to go on Sunday. But if that doesn't whet your national anthem gambling appetite, you can also bet on whether or not Clarkson will forget or omit at least one word during the song (a $100 bet on "yes" would net a $250 payout) or whether or not her bare belly will be showing during the song (a $100 "yes" bet here nets $300).

Welcome to the world of Super Bowl gambling. The land of the free and the home of the brave.