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Super Bowl 2012: Picks And Predictions From The SB Nation Los Angeles Writers

With Super Bowl XLVI just a few hours away, there's only time to squeeze in one last round of picks and predictions. The oddmakers have the New England Patriots as the slight favorites to win, but analysts and columnists seem staunchly divided. We decided to turn to ourselves for the final word. Enjoy the predictions from the staff here at SB Nation Los Angeles.

Eric Stephen's Prediction: Giants 31, Patriots 23

The front four of New York's defense will be effective enough to put pressure on Tom Brady without sacrificing any coverage of New England's many weapons, and Eli Manning should be able to throw all day on the Patriots' pass defense. Also, Brady fumbled 10 years ago against the Raiders.

Josie Becker's Prediction: Patriots 24, Giants 17

We live in a world with rules, and the rules say the Giants shouldn't be able to steal two Super Bowl victories in four years despite not being any good. The Patriots by ten.

Matt Gleason's Prediction: Giants 39, Patriots 10

Do it for Andy Rooney! (longtime NYG season seat holder). The Ravens lost the AFC championship a lot more than the Pats won it. Meanwhile the Giants asserted themselves in each playoff victory over superior opponents. More importantly, I bought some squares in a pool and got the 9-0 final and have 49 points as a tiebreaker in another pool, so this outcome will produce a much happier me.

Bill Hanstock's Prediction: Patriots 24, Giants 21

Bill Belichick will get his revenge and fly on a winged pegasus into Valhalla carrying his fourth Lombardi trophy. The pegasus may or may not fire lasers out of its eyes; that aspect is too close to call.

Dexter Fishmore's Prediction: Giants 32, Patriots 27

I still think there's, like, a 10 percent chance the Packers win this game. But barring a Green Bay upset, I'm going with the Giants, mainly because I find Rooney Mara to be pretty hot. I write about basketball most of the time.

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