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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Toyota Makes A Bunch Of Jokes In Lieu Of Talking About The Camry

Super Bowl XLVI is nearly upon us, but already we can watch many of the fancy new Super Bowl ads online. For the ones that are still being kept "under wraps," we can see teasers or snippets. Even for those of us in this fine city where everything is focused on hype, buzz and making sure your project gains some viral traction, this is all a bit silly.

One of the new ads you can see is for the Toyota Camry, which -- in true "event commercial" fashion -- barely touches on actually discussing the new Camry or why it's so great. Check it out here:

For me, this commercial raises far more questions than anything. And not questions about what the features are on the new Camry. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out the practical applications for a time-traveling baby. Why is the baby itself a time machine? If you hold onto the baby, will you also be transported back in time? If the instructions are on the baby's back and you sent it to the Regency Era by itself, how is it expected to get back? You think powdered-wig guy is going to understand a digital readout? You think he is going to understand buttons?

Way to go, jerks. You made a time-traveling baby and now it's trapped in the past and probably causing all sorts of damage to the space-time continuum. Next, you'll tell me that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2010 or something.

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