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2012 Pro Football Hall Of Fame: Jerome Bettis, Kevin Greene Did Not Make Cut

As six new members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame celebrate, two former members of the Los Angeles Rams will have to wait for another year to be enshrined in the halls of Canton. Those players are running back Jerome Bettis and defensive end and linebacker Kevin Greene.

Bettis was a first-round pick for the LA Rams in 1993 and played with the Rams in LA for two seasons before the team moved to St. Louis. He stayed with them for one more year before moving to Pittsburgh, where most fans remember him the most, to play for the Steelers in 1996. While in LA, Bettis had a great rookie and sophomore seasons, combining for 2,454 yards and 10 touchdowns. In his career, Bettis has 13,662 total rushing yards and 91 touchdowns. He's the sixth leading rusher of all time.

Greene, like Bettis, started his career with the LA Rams before eventually finding his way to the Steelers, though he started much earlier. Greene was a fifth-round pick by the Rams in 1985 and didn't have a single sack his entire rookie year. However, a seven-sack sophomore season got him on a roll in which he had less than 10 sacks in a season only three times in a 15-year career. He finished with 160 sacks, 72.5 of which were while he was with the Rams.

Greene was in his eighth year of Hall of Fame Eligibility while Bettis was in his second.

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