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2012 Pro Football Hall Of Fame Finalists: Let Us Not Forget About Kevin Greene's Lousy Wrestling Career

Former Los Angeles Rams linebacker Kevin Greene has a chance to represent Southern California in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. As a finalist on the ballot, he may find himself announced as a member of the 2012 Hall of Fame class on Saturday. Let us hope that he gets the call, as it is doubtful he will ever wind up in the Hall of Fame for his other, much more short-lived profession: professional wrestler.

Yes, for a time, Kevin Greene dabbled in the wonderful world of pro wrestling. He appeared in WCW as the promotion was experiencing its enormous boom in the late-1990s. Greene didn't have a gimmick or a false persona or anything. He was just the NFL's Kevin Greene, usually either teaming with or feuding with the truly awful Steve McMichael. It was not an illustrious career.

If you need visual proof, here is a video of Greene and McMichael not even being able to have a watchable match against Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.

So for Greene's sake, let's all wish him the best on Saturday. Or I'll have to subject you to matches like this every year that he makes it onto the ballot.

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