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College Basketball Polls: Long Beach State's Still Getting Votes, Pac-12 Is Almost A Complete No-Show

Can't say that Long Beach State isn't trying.

A 21-7 overall record, 14-0 in conference. The 49ers have won 17 of their last 19 games and with each loss they've taken a step back in the nation's eye. But they are still there and still fighting.

Even if it is for only eight votes in the AP poll and six votes in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll. They are the mythical 33rd ranked team in the country in both polls. Hey, at least they'll make the tournament - right?

And it has now been 13 consecutive weeks with the Pac-12 not having a single team in the Top 25 of either poll and with the paltry number of votes the conference received among its teams, the streak will continue until further notice. The California Golden Bears took in the one measly vote to a Pac-12 team. Hopefully, they will be willing to share with the rest of the conference.