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Bracketology 2012: Long Beach State Is Secure For Now, ESPN Adds Arizona

Let's take a look at two different viewpoints of Bracketology 101 - ESPN and SB Nation.

For SB Nation, the Long Beach St. 49ers are the no. 12 seed in the Eastern Region and the only two teams from the Pac 12 to make the field are the California Golden Bears (no. 8 in the East) and Washington Huskies (no. 10 in the Midwest).

The 49ers would have to upset a talented UNLV team while Cal deals with BYU and Washington plays Virginia.

For ESPN, Joe Lunardi has the 49ers as the no. 11 seed in the East facing Notre Dame while Cal is in the Midwest region as a no. 9 seed facing Southern Miss. Washington is the no. 11 seed in the same region, facing New Mexico.

The biggest difference is the inclusion of the Arizona Wildcats as the third Pac 12 team to make the tourney. Lunardi has the Wildcats as the no. 12 seed in the West, facing UNLV.

In a tournament that's all about matchups, where these teams land will determine how far they go.