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Gilbert Arenas: The Los Angeles Native Finally Opens Up About His Past And Future

Arenas, who attended Grant High School in Valley Glen, is looking for an opportunity to continue his NBA career and change his image back to a positive one.

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Los Angeles native Gilbert Arenas opened up in a recent interview with's Sam Amick about everything from his fall from superstardom, to his gun charge while playing with the Washington Wizards, to his current mindset as he looks toward a return to an NBA team.

Arenas had closed off all communication with the media and the outside world, culminating in him deleting his often hilarious, sometimes odd Twitter account, "AgentZeroShow", last September. Since then, Arenas has focused on himself, getting himself back into shape and healthy, as well as trying to find the spirit that led to him being one of the most explosive scorers in the NBA for a three-year span while playing for the Washington Wizards.

"When you're in there getting buckets, you're not really paying attention to who's there. You're just doing your thing. To me, it didn't matter who it was -- could've been the D-League team or whatever. I'm just showing you what I have. You can either keep reading the newspapers articles where they say I'm 40 pounds overweight and I lost a step -- all the fantasy stuff people want to talk about because they're going off my last year where I was basically mentally out of it. Or you can just see for yourself: This is what I am. A 6-foot-3 guard, 6-10 wingspan, still got his quickness, can still jump, still fast. I make shots, and that's what I am. I'm not here to sell anything, but look, here's what I am and then I'm going back home to my family."

Arenas was very candid in his comments and looks to be in the right frame of mind to continue what was once one of the more entertaining careers in the NBA. He has already worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers and there seems to be mutual interest but no movement towards Arenas joining the team.

Whatever team Arenas ends up on, maybe it'll provide him with a chance to let his fans get another late glimpse of what used to make him great.