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Long Beach St. Vs. Creighton: 49ers Up At Halftime 46-41

The Long Beach St. 49ers faced a tall task going in to face the Creighton Blue Jays, but thus far they have been up to it leading 46-41 at halftime. Doug McDermott of Creighton leads all scorers with 16 points, but is Creighton's only scorer in double figures. Long Beach however has three people in double figures, led by T.J. Robinson with 13. Robinson also has three rebounds and two assists.

The teams are shooting fairly evenly from the field, with Long Beach state holding an advantage in three pointers and free throws. The 49ers have led by as much as nine, and have led since the 13 minute mark in the first half. Creighton got off to a hot start, going up by seven forcing Long Beach to take a time out. But they've been solid since.

One thing in Creigton's favor has been second chance opportunities. The 49ers don't carry a true center, and it's showed with the Blue Jays picking up six offensive rebounds while Long Beach hasn't managed one. The two teams are fairly even in most of the other aspects of the game.

If Long Beach can sustain their momentum in the second half, they should prevail. However, with a rowdy home crowd going against them, it won't be an easy jog to the finish.