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San Diego Padres TV Deal To Create New Fox Sports Regional Network, Per Reports

The San Diego Padres are close to securing a new television rights deal. Within the next couple of years, all three Southern California teams will have new, lucrative contracts for TV rights.

The San Diego Padres are joining their baseball neighbors in making a sizable chunk of money by signing a new television rights deal.

According to Tom Krasovic at Inside Tthe Padres, the San Diego franchise is awaiting approval of their new 20-year TV deal from MLB. If approved, the Padres will receive a 20 percent stake in a new, regional FOX sports channel.

Assuming that the contract will go through, the Padres deal would mean that all three Southern California baseball teams will have new television deals in place in the next couple of years. The Los Angeles Angels recently signed a 20-year deal worth $3 billion. The Los Angeles Dodgers will see their current TV rights contract expire in 2013. Experts predict that the subsequent contract for Dodgers television rights will easily top the value of the Angels deal.

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