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USC sends email about Pac-12 Championship Game, which they didn't play in

Students got an email about tickets for the Pac-12 Championship game four days after it happened without USC.


It'd be one thing if the USC athletic department had sent out an email to students about tickets to the Pac-12 Championship game four days after it occurred if they'd actually played in it. It's another thing entirely when USC actually sends the email without being involved in the game at all.

Here's a look at the email USC sent out courtesy of Sam Rosenthal:


USC was eliminated from Pac-12 Championship game contention when they lost to their cross town rival the UCLA Bruins on Nov. 17, almost two weeks before the championship occurred. The Trojans did themselves no favors in terms of getting to the game, losing three of their last four conference games.

USC students could still be getting another email about tickets to an extra Trojan game but this wouldn't be for any sort of championship. The Trojans are set to face the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Dec. 31 in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.