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USC football leads Pac-12 attendance figures

Trojans fans in Southern California continued to flock to the team's home games despite a disappointing season.


Few college football programs have a larger following than the USC Trojans do. With expectations high to begin the year, USC fans flocked to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum all season long to watch Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and Co. sling the ball around. While the team didn't quite live up to expectations, that did not stop big attendance turnouts week in and week out.

As this post from ESPN's Pac-12 blog details, USC led the conference in attendance numbers by a wide margin with an average crowd of 87,945. That's up 18 percent from 2011, which marks the third-biggest jump in the conference.

The UCLA Bruins were second on the list, although they were a distant follow-up finisher with an average of 68,481 at the Rose Bowl each weekend. Surprisingly, the Washington Huskies averaged a little more than 1,100 more fans a game than the Oregon Ducks at 58,617 a night.

The full attendance figures are here, as well as the percent increase or decrease from the 2011 season.

USC, 87,945, +18%
UCLA, 68,481, +21%
Washington, 58,617,-6%
Oregon, 57,490 -3%
Arizona State, 56,835, -4%
California, 55,876, +48% (off-campus in 2011)
Arizona, 47,931, -2%
Colorado, 45,373, -10%
Utah, 45,347, (minor increase)
Oregon State, 43,424, +2%
Stanford, 43,343, -13%
Washington State, 30,252, +5%