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Shabazz Muhammad slimming down for UCLA Bruins

After adding some weight in the offseason, Muhammad is showing everyone just how explosive he can be.

Scott Halleran

Anyone who has ever been to college knows the temptations. For many, living away from home for the first time can lead to weight gain as fast food and awkward eating schedules become the norm. For UCLA Bruins forward Shabazz Muhammad, he was no exception.

According to a recent article in the LA Times, Muhammad admitted that he put on about 15 pounds since graduating high school. When he first became eligible to play in November, the freshman said he was out of shape. Now, as he continues to work hard in both practice and games on a daily basis, he's regained the quickness that made him the nation's No. 1 prospect last year.

"I was really out of shape," Muhammad said Tuesday. Not so much anymore.

Muhammad said he has shed about 10 pounds in the last week through diet and exercise. [...]

"I'm really getting up and showing my explosive ability that I had all along," said Muhammad, who plans to lose five more pounds.

Muhammad's teammates have also taken notice of his weight loss, and it can only mean good things for the Bruins moving forward. He had 16 points in UCLA's win over Texas last weekend. Through six games, Muhammad is averaging 16 points a game. Now that he's in shape, these numbers should only continue to improve once Pac-12 play begins.