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USC vs. ASU: Ronnie Lott says Sun Devils' pass rush is key

Ronnie Lott weighed in on the Trojans matchup with the Sun Devils and said ASU could pull the upset if it is able to pressure Matt Barkley.


Former USC safety Ronnie Lott has followed the Pac-12 closely this season as an analyst for the Pac-12 Network. When asked what Arizona State needed to to do to pull the upset against USC this weekend, Lott said ASU must pressure Matt Barkley early and often.

In an interview with SB Nation's House of Sparky, Lott said if they Sun Devils are going to challenge the Trojans on Saturday they will need to set the tone early by putting pressure on Barkley.

I think one of the ways you do it is to get to the quarterback quick. You got to let him (Barkley) know that you're going to be all over him. They did that last week against Oregon State.

While pressure will be a key, Lott said the ASU defense will also need to force turnovers. He noted that Oregon was able to come up with three turnovers against USC, helping the Ducks avoid the upset. Offensively, Lott said ASU will need to score points to keep pace.

Their offense has to score points. They have to find a way to score over 30 or 40 points, because that is what it is going to take to beat USC. They know what Arizona did in beating USC. They got to put points on the board, and they got to put them on the board from the time they walk into the stadium.

Kickoff for Saturday's game between the Trojans and Sun Devils is scheduled for 12 p.m. PT.