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Antawan Jamison knows patience breeds opportunity

Los Angeles Lakers forward Antwan Jamison is in the latter part of his 14 year career. His role may not equal more minutes on the floor at this very moment, but he will do what he needs to, to earn his opportunity.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Forward Antawan Jamison is a 14 year veteran. He has been on good teams and bad. As his career has advanced, he's learned what he needs to do to fit on each of the teams he's played on. For his current team, the Los Angeles Lakers, his role is still developing. One thing he does know for sure, he needs to be patient to find out where he fits in.

In the four games of the very young 2012-2013 LA Lakers season, Jamison has played 16.8 minutes and scored an average 4.3 points. After being in the league so long, it wouldn't surprise many if Jamison spoke out in an effort to get more time on the court; especially since he's played in the much talked about Princeton offense before. Yet that's now who Jamison is at this stage in his career.

Right now, Jamison wants to be the best player he can be to help the Lakers in any way. If that means playing more defense than offense or being a mentor to teammates, he's fine with that because his patience and efforts will be rewarded.