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Clippers vs. Warriors results: Questionable call contributes to LA's 114-110 loss

The Los Angeles Clippers had just tied the game with six seconds to go in the fourth... or so they thought.


The Los Angeles Clippers are playing really well, but no one cares because the Lakers are losing. As backwards as that methodology is, it's true. Coming into Saturday night's game against the Golden State Warriors, the Clippers were a perfect 2-0. Los Angeles spent the entire game keeping up with Golden State, but it came down to the last six seconds as the Clippers suffered their first loss, 114-110.

LA was playing catch-up the entire game and trailed start to finish. In the final two minutes of the fourth quarter, the Clippers were within one or two points of the Warriors at all times, until the veyr end. With six seconds left, Chris Paul thought he had tied the game for his team and was about to head to the foul line. Golden State's Stephen Curry stepped in front of Paul, as Paul launched off the ground and scored the two points needed for the tie.

Curry and Paul made contact and a foul was called. Paul assumed Curry would be the one receiving the foul. Instead, it was Paul who earned a personal foul, in turn, negating his game-tying basket. The call could have gone either way, but all the paying officials in Staples Center, along with Vinnie Del Negro and the Clippers bench, vehemently disagreed.

The Clippers' last hope remained in the Curry's subsequent free throws. If he made both, the game was over, and that's exactly what happened.

With the 114-110 loss, the Clippers drop to 2-1 on this very young NBA season.