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2012 bowl projections: UCLA, Texas headed for Alamo Bowl showdown?

The Bruins could take the Pac-12's second-best bowl slot.

Stephen Dunn

The UCLA Bruins have already wrapped up the Pac-12 South title and have a conference championship showdown with Stanford looming on Friday. A win over the Cardinal would send the Bruins to the Rose Bowl to face the Big 10 champion. A loss would leave them searching for a non-BCS bowl game to play in. According to the latest round of projections from SB Nation, UCLA could be headed to the Alamo Bowl.

SB Nation sees the Bruins taking on the Texas Longhorns in San Antonio, which would be a big hometown advantage for UT. The Longhorns fell a bit short of preseason expectations this year, although that did not stop them from finishing third in a competitive Big 12.

As for the BCS National Championship, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish would take on the Alabama Crimson Tide. If Alabama was to lose to Georgia in next weekend's SEC Championship Game, it would likely be the Bulldogs playing the Irish.

You can find a complete list of bowl game projections here.