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Stanford vs. UCLA 2012 reaction: With Pac-12 South title locked up, Bruins faithful unhappy with loss to Cardinal

A loss to Stanford means a rematch with the Cardinal in the Pac-12 title game, but Saturday's performance is not encouraging to Bruins Nation.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Knowing that they were already assured of a Pac-12 Championship Game berth, the UCLA Bruins lost to the Stanford Cardinal, setting up a rematch in Palo Alto, Calif., on Friday. And despite the cushion that UCLA enjoyed, it's fan base was none too pleased with the performance the Bruins put together in a loss to the Cardinal in the Pac-12 regular season finale.

Over at Bruins Nation, the bloggers were unhappy with a team that looked as if it was participating in a "practice session" instead of a regular season test against a top-10 team.

Such a shame we treated most of the game as a practice session instead of a game that counted in the standings. Although we clinched the Pac-12 South last week, you hate to see the team lay an egg like this game.

While hanging around in the first half, the second-half performance out of the Bruins was especially troubling to the bloggers, who saw some real problems.

And then the game turns truly ugly. The offense looks completely lost, unable to gain yardage, and when they do, it is negated by penalty. Balls are dropped. They're thrown behind receivers. Brett Hundley is completely off of his game this week. Stanford bulldozes and pushes its way around the field

With the rematch looming less than a week away, there was certainly a feeling of hopefulness to close out the recap, as the Bruins faithful hoped that the Pac-12 Championship Game could prove a strong way to end a good season.

We better be ready on Friday. Or two losses to end the season against Stanford is a horrible way to end this first season for Coach Mora, especially after the advances he had made to this point.