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Notre Dame vs. USC 2012 reaction: USC faithful place blame squarely on Kiffin's shoulders

Lane Kiffin bears the brunt of the blame from Conquest Chronicles in reaction to USC's loss to Notre Dame, the Trojans' fifth of the season.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The USC Trojans' 2012 regular season came to an end Saturday with a loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in front of a huge national television audience in primetime, and the performance in the Trojans' fifth loss of the year left fans wondering how a team ranked No. 1 in the preseason had fallen so far.

Over at Conquest Chronicles, the reaction was short and to the point as the regular season came to a close. The bloggers were quick to take blame away from the players and place it squarely on the coaches. And they held no punches.

Once again, this is all on Lane Kiffin.

We knew what we were getting with Monte, we have seen that all season. But Kiffin, once again folded like a cheap suit.

The reaction keyed in on a lack of adjustments, and not surprisingly, the goal line stand that all but sealed the Fighting Irish victory Saturday night.

No Adjustments, poor clock management...and those play calls with USC on the 1-yard line.

Thank god this season is over. I could care less about the bowl game.

But the performances out of the players, especially the freshman quarterback Max Wittek, playing in place of injured Matt Barkley, was an encouraging sign for the future for the USC faithful.

I can't blame the players...I can't blame Wittek. He played great for his first start in a pressure packed environment.

I can live with Wittek's two picks. The kid has a cannon for an arm, the future (if Kiffin gets out of his way) looks bright.