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Mike D'Antoni could make debut as Lakers coach Tuesday

New Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni has had brief practices with his team since arriving in L.A. but has yet to make his game-night debut due to knee replacement surgery just weeks ago.

D'Antoni won't be able to chase officials for a while
D'Antoni won't be able to chase officials for a while
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

New Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni could teach a few pro players about toughness. Less than a month since he had a complete knee replacement, D'Antoni has been at Lakers practices, hobbling around with or without crutches. The coach has yet to lead the Lakers in an actual game, but all that could change Tuesday when the Lakers face the Brooklyn Nets.

D'Antoni is reportedly a "game-time decision," a description generally reserved for players, not coaches. The road to the coach's box hasn't been easy. After winning the job, the new coach had to get from his place in New York to Los Angeles. In order to fly, D'Antoni had to first be cleared by doctors and then take blood-thinning medication for the flight.

When he arrived in L.A., the coach was introduced to his new team and got right to work. He needs pain killers to get through practice. Somewhere in his hectic schedule, he's mixing in physical therapy.

Operating on one working leg, he's showing his team what fight and dedication looks like.